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Hello everybody! We are Daniela and Pedro, the faces behind this project that we build every day with great care and which, more than a business, is for us a way of being in Life and in the World. We believe in kindness, in love, in the beauty of simple and genuine things, in that subtle force that moves mountains and that we all have within us. Slowing down and living closer to what is real was, for us, as we hope it will be for those who visit us, a journey towards greater physical and emotional well-being and a true sense of happiness and fulfilment. A parenthesis in the busy life that often imposes itself on everything else. Casal de Tralhariz aims to be that oasis of serenity, of restoring a more natural, sustainable rhythm that brings us closer to so many good habits that we have forgotten, but that we still recognize as essential. Declaredly passionate about the Douro Superior and Vale do Tua, the art of hospitality, a hallmark of the good people of Trás-os-Montes, we love sharing our passion for Nature, for a more uncomplicated life filled with good memories. From us and our team you can always expect a smile, a kind word and total availability to make your stay a memorable experience.

Welcome to Tralhariz!

Please make yourselves at home.


In the remote Douro village of Tralhariz, two striking buildings from the 18th century remain: the house of Tralhariz and Bom Jesus chapel, both belonging to the property known today as Casal de Tralhariz, like people always called it in the village. Some of the most influential families in the Carrazeda de Ansiães region were linked to the House of Tralhariz, such as the Sampaios, the Morais, the Tavares and the Frias. Two governors of Mozambique would also live in this house, from different families and at different times. As for the Bom Jesus Chapel, a small, abandoned chapel on a hill that is now accessible, it’s one of the most interesting examples of rural calvary, with baroque mural paintings.

The property was acquired by the Alvim Coelho family in 2002 (which holds it to this day), arising as consequence of the desire to purchase more vineyards, given that the family’s core business is based on wine and olive oil production in Douro Region. The deal included not only the desired vineyards, but also this property with a ruin of an 18th century manor house, the caretakers housing and a series of other outbuildings intended for raising domestic animals and providing shelter for working animals, as well as a forest of stone pines on top of which stands the Bom Jesus de Tralhariz chapel. It was then that the idea of what would become Quinta Casal de Tralhariz, as we know it today, began to be built. In 2009, 7 years later, the restoration works were completed and the long-awaited opening to the public was completed. Since then, it has been our mission to welcome, in the good Trás-os-Montes way, everyone who visits us, making this still so unexplored and authentic part of Douro Valley and the wildest and most untouched nature of Tua Valley, known to our guests.

“… acolher, à boa maneira transmontana, todos quantos nos visitam, dando a conhecer esta parte ainda tão inexplorada e autêntica do Vale do Douro e a Natureza mais selvagem e intocada do Vale do Tua.”

“Terraces that are titanic footprints of men climbing the slopes, volumes, colors and modulations that no sculptor, painter or musician can translate, horizons expanded beyond the plausible thresholds of vision.”

Migulel Torga

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