We designed these experiences based on our own experience of the Region and what we love to do and share in it. For us it is imperative that our guests feel the true essence of this land and its people, and that authenticity is the keyword in all the experiences we propose. Our programs have guiding lines, but we keep the whole experience to the rhythm of the river itself, sometimes calm and patient, contemplative and absorbing the best of each place it passes through, sometimes more turbulent and excited to feel the pulse of life that unfolds within and outside of itself. It wouldn’t be strange to stop to greet someone we haven’t seen for a long time and who can now also become your friend. That’s how it is around here, a time outside of time, a sense of community where everyone occupies their own place. Trust and let yourself be carried away!


Enjoy tasting the most exquisite wines from Quinta Casal de Tralhariz, appreciating the flavors and aromas of these wines produced on a small scale and exclusively for our guests.  If you wish, it’s possible to add a tasting of regional products of your choice, available in our ‘Regional Tapas’ service.


Rent a SUP board with us and enjoy the calm waters of the Tua or Douro rivers, exploring the Region at your own pace, at privileged entry points a short distance from the property.


The river is the constant architect that dictates, even today, the rigors and beauty of this World Heritage landscape. Enjoy this unique and unforgettable perspective on Douro Superior, its most emblematic Quintas and inaccessible riverside treasures. There will also be time for a refreshing swim in these calm waters, on one of the many river beaches that Douro offers us.


If you want to discover the Region at your own pace, surprise your partner or simply enjoy a meal among Nature, we can prepare a regional picnic basket, with many traditional delicacies, to make your day even more special.


A unique way to get to know the beauty of these two enchanted valleys up close is through an adventurous and fun jeep ride. Leaving the road we find ourselves right in the heart of this wonderful region and can feel the pulse of nature closer. Welcome aboard our classic 1981 Land Rover and 1993 Mitsubishi Pajero convertible. It’s time to set out to discover the hidden treasures between Douro and Tua.


In these full-day tours we aim to take you on a sensorial journey to the best that Douro Valley and Tua Valley have to offer. Different in essence, they share the charm of the landscapes, the beautiful gastronomy and many surprises only known by locals and which we intend to share with you. In Douro Valley you will find the strength of a landscape crafted by man, classified as a World Heritage Site and all the history that led to the global recognition of Port Wine. In Tua Valley, with its wildest nature, you will find an unforgettable natural landscape, rich biodiversity and breathtaking viewpoints! Adventure with us.

7. Taylor made tours

We are available to build a tailor-made experience for you, according to what you dreamed of for an unforgettable time in this beautiful region. We love making dreams come true, so tell us everything. We are all ears!

Tailor-made budget



A Health and Wellbeing space in harmony with the surrounding nature, featuring a set of therapies designed with you in mind. All massages use AROMATHERAPY, that is, a personalized combination of pure biological essential oils, each with a specific therapeutic effect.


Torso massage, ideal for eliminating contractures that accumulate daily in the cervical, dorsal and lumbar areas, resulting from continued effort, poor posture or stress. The spine and surrounding musculature is one of the most affected areas by muscular and skeletal effort, accumulating various tensions that manifest themselves in the form of discomfort and localized pain, leading to general discomfort. Free yourself from the weight of everyday life, feel light again!


Foot Reflexology is based on stimulating specific points on the soles of the feet, rebalancing the entire organism. In this therapy, the soles of the feet are a coded map of the entire organism in which certain points correspond to organs, glands and structures of the organism. By pressing these points with your fingers, the corresponding areas are stimulated. Muscle relaxation is also performed, as well as lymphatic drainage of the lower limbs. A world of health and relaxation, at your feet!


Traditional Indian massage with a strong focus on joint and muscle work, as well as emotional and energetic balance. A wave of physical and mental well-being, on a journey into your interior, which will bring you a feeling of tranquillity and deep relaxation.


Massage that aims to relax muscles throughout the body, promoting a general feeling of well-being and relief from existing contractures. A technique designed to combat the daily stress that we are all subject to.


Your dream, our mission

Imagine holding the event you designed in the middle of Douro Wine Region, on a centuries-old property, surrounded by beautiful mountains, extensive gardens, vineyards, pine forests and olive groves.

Putting at your disposal a completely renovated 18th century manor house, in addition to 4 other accommodation units that can be added to it, Quinta Casal de Tralhariz also has a set of equipment ideal for that special event you want to organize: Swimming pool panoramic view, barbecue areas, pergola with a direct view over the vineyard terraces and its very special Olive Oil Press.

There are moments that mark our journey and without a doubt celebrating LOVE is the greatest of them. Celebrating is the most beautiful way to give thanks for all the good things that have been given to us, with the people we love most. That’s why we are here, at your disposal, to host what will be more than an event, but the celebration of a life in common. Just get in touch, tell us about your dreams!

The space you were looking for to bring your team together, providing moments of leisure and skills development, in a natural setting full of history. We have accommodation, meal service and personalized experiences at your disposal in this region of the Douro Valley and Tua Valley, as well as several spaces available, one of them equipped with a sound system and video projection. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you build your projects for the future!

We know how good it is to bring together the whole family and/or friends for that special moment that we want to share with everyone. Life is made up of moments where good memories are created and the bonds that unite us are deepened. So make this home yours too, and we are waiting for you to make your wishes come true!

Located in the middle of Tua Valley Natural Park, with the terraces of Douro Valley as a backdrop, Tranquility and Nature are the words that best define Quinta Casal de Tralhariz. Accommodation, indoor and outdoor spaces adaptable to various physical practices, meditation, therapies, among others, and a privileged location to follow the many walking routes that pass through the region, some of them right here on the property. We are at your disposal for whatever you need in organizing your Nature Retreat!

spaces for all

olive oil press

Old Olive Oil Press, assuming a multifunctional space within the property: informal reception, support for events, restaurant area, shop where you can purchase the Quinta’s products. The old operational part of the Press is available to visit, where the entire process of extracting the ‘liquid gold’ is explained. Having a panoramic terrace, it’s also an ideal place to relax while enjoying the beautiful surrounding landscape. A chameleonic space, able to be transformed according to your needs.






Barbecue area and rustic porch ready to host those good summer get-togethers (or whenever the weather permits), where friendship and good Portuguese food are celebrated. A space to create good memories!






Panoramic swimming pool with a direct view over Douro Valley vineyards. Each accommodation has its own exclusive area, properly sized and distanced from the rest, for total comfort and safety for everyone.





Extensive gardens, with surprising hidden corners. Roses, many fruit trees such as vines, olive trees, cherry trees, pear trees, apple trees, among others, a dazzle for all the senses. Fruit production on the property is organic, so feel free to pick and eat directly from the tree!

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Provas de Vinho

The tasting features 4 Quinta wines: Casal de Tralhariz Colheita White and Red; Casal de Tralhariz Reserva White and Red. At the end, try our emblematic Port, traveling through the flavor and history of the wine that gave this region notoriety and worldwide recognition.

25 euros | pax


São Lourenço, Brunheda (Carrazeda de Ansiães bank); São Mamede de Riba Tua (Alijó bank).

Foz Tua and Nossa Senhora da Ribeira (Carrazeda de Ansiães bank); Ferradosa and Nagoselo do Douro (S. João da Pesqueira bank).

15 euros half-day | 25 euros full day

Passeio de barco

Boarding Sra. da Ribeira OR Cais da Ferradosa

Iconic wine producing farms

Cachão da Valeira and its history

Stop for a swim in the river (weather permitting)

Price on request

Cesta de Piquenique

Sandes em pão rústico (2 opções à escolha/pessoa):
Presunto | Queijo regional | Linguiça | Salpicão

Saladas frias (2 opções à escolha/pessoa):
bacalhau c/ grão-de-bico | Orelha de porco c/ pickles

Rissóis (2 opções à escolha/pessoa):
carne | camarão | peixe |misto

Bolinhos de bacalhau

Chips de batata normal OU doce

Pão Regional

Água | Sumo natural

Fruta da época

Biscoitos de Sertã


30 euros | 2 pax


Venture out to discover Douro iconic Quintas, vineyards as far as the eye can see, cliffs, the beauty of the train tearing up the silence of the landscape. An off-road trip designed with you in mind, where you will find unique places on secret trails, always with the river on the horizon. Explore this ancient world with us, in a time that is lost between the water and the mountains.



>> Visit to our vineyards

>> Visit to Ansiães Castle, one of the oldest in Portugal

>> Panoramic route along the Douro riverbank, through old vineyards and emblematic farms of the region

>> Port wine tasting and regional cookies

>> Regional lunch by the river or picnic by the river (optional; price on request; adds one hour to the program)

up to 4 pax: €100 | 5 to 9 pax: €200

10 or + pax: price on request


Located in the heart of Tua Valley Natural Park, we couldn’t help explore the beauty of this enchanted valley, its emblematic viewpoints and an untouched landscape, rich and distinct from that offered by Douro Valley. Here Nature in its wildest state prevails and there are many trails, hidden villages and unprecedented surprises such as thermal water springs that invite you to a relaxing bath. Come and discover with us this TUA that will surprise you!


>> EYES OF TUA: All terrain route along the river, getting to know the history, fauna and flora of the region.

>> FOZ TUA: All terrain route through vineyards and olive groves to the mouth of the Tua river, passing through the beautiful village of Fiolhal.

>> UJO: Route on a secondary road to the picturesque village of S. Mamede de Ribatua and stopping at the challenging Ujo viewpoint.

>> Port wine tasting and regional cookies

>> S. LOURENÇO: Trip to Pombal de Ansiães (with a stop at Brunheda), where we will end with a all terrain descent to the ghost village of S. Lourenço, enjoying its viewpoint, Roman Baths and a refreshing river bath.

>> Regional lunch by the river or picnic by the river (optional; price on request; adds one hour to the program)

up to 4 pax: €100 | 5 to 9 pax: €200

10 or + pax: price on request


‘The sublime Douro. The prodigy of a landscape that ceases to be by virtue of being outsized. It is not a panorama that the eyes contemplate: it’s an excess of nature.’ Miguel Torga

In this full day program, we aim to offer you a memorable experience in Douro Superior. A concentrate of some of the most memorable experiences you can have in this part of Douro that has resisted the passage of time, mass tourism, this Douro of producers and people who work hard on this land, in a unique perspective on the Valley. Venture on off-road trails in the middle of centuries-old vineyards, glimpse the most emblematic Quintas from the river, delight in local Wine and Gastronomy tastings and above all feel the true pulse of the Region and the people who inhabit it.


>> Panoramic route through centuries-old vineyards, always with Douro River on the horizon

>> Port wine tasting and regional cookies

>> Douro Superior boat trip passing through the most emblematic Quintas, the Ferradosa area and the historic area of ​​Cachão da Valeira. Stop to swim in the river.

>> Regional lunch by the river OR Picnic by the river

>> Visit to a Cellar and Douro wine tasting (table and/or Port)

price on request


‘A virginal universe, as if it had just been born, and already eternal for its harmony, for its serenity, for the silence that not even the river dares to break, sometimes stealthily disappearing behind the mountains, sometimes amazed deep down reflecting his own amazement.’ Miguel Torga

With this program we intend to show you all the splendour of Nature in the Tua Valley, a different landscape from Douro, but equally beautiful! Discover its rich History, Gastronomy, diverse Fauna and Flora, on routes only known to its people. Known as the destination of Love, it lives up to this reputation as you will certainly fall in love with this Tua, which at the end of the trip we hope will also feel a little bit yours!


>> Tua Viewpoints: Circular route that runs through the beautiful Tua viewpoints, on off-road routes, passing through emblematic places in the Valley.

>> Port wine tasting and regional cookies

>> Stop for river bathing

>> Regional lunch by the river OR Picnic by the river

>> Visit to the Tua Valley Interpretive Center and PNRVT Entrance Gate

>> Visit to a wine cellar and wine tasting (table and/or Port)

price on request